Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

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Term life insurance provides a low cost way to get maximum insurance protection for a set period of time at a fixed cost. A term life insurance policy covers the insured for a specified period of 5, 10, 20 and 30 years. The premium rate you pay for term life insurance is guaranteed to remain the same low amount for the duration of the term of coverage selected.

Consider These Advantages for Term Life Insurance

  • Term life insurance premiums are generally lower than those for permanent insurance.

  • Term life insurance is ideal for covering specific needs that will disappear in time, such as mortgages or family income needs for children.

  • Term life insurance can serve as mortgage protection for your family due to premature death of the insured.

  • Term insurance is an effective way to get the most coverage at the lowest cost for up to 30 years.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is the oldest form of life insurance policy available today.  It is exactly what the name implies – it is insurance that lasts your whole life.   In most cases premiums are paid throughout the length of the policy (typically to age 100 or 121), although policies with shorter pay periods are available.  Like other types of policies, it will pay the death benefit to your beneficiaries upon your death.

The three guaranteed values of a whole life policy :

  • Guaranteed Premium – the premiums are guaranteed to remain level throughout the insured person’s life.  The premiums are higher than term policies in the early years of the policy.  However, because whole life premiums remain level throughout the insured’s life, they are typically less expensive than term premiums in the later years.

  • Guaranteed Death Benefit – the death benefit will never be reduced (except if cash is withdrawn or borrowed from the policy).

  • Guaranteed Cash Value – whole life policies build cash values, which are guaranteed in the policy and the growth is tax-deferred under current federal income tax law.

Index Life Insurance

Indexed univeral life insurance is a lot like universal life insurance, however it does have a couple of wrinkles not found in traditional universal insurance policies. Universal life insurance comes in many different forms, from your basic fixed-rate policy to models that allow the policy holder to select various equity accounts in which they can invest. An indexed universal life insurance policy gives the policy holder the opportunity to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account. Indexed policies offer a variety of popular indexes to choose from, such as the and the Indexed policies allow policy holders to decide the percentage of their funds that they wish to allocate to fixed and indexed portions.

Also, these types of universal insurance policies typically guarantee the principal amount in the indexed portion, but cap the maximum return that a policy holder can receive in said account. Since these policies are seen as a "hybrid" universal life insurance policy, they are usually not very expensive (due to lack of mangement), and are safer than an average variable universal life insurance policy. However, the upside potential is also limited when compared to variable policies.

Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of premium life insurance is a relatively new type of term life insurance policy that provides both death benefit protection and a return of premium insurance feature. Return of premium life insurance is aimed right at one of the greatest objections to term life: “I am probably not going to die, and my money will have been wasted.”

Here’s how it works: If you keep your policy for the term period, at the end of that time whether 15, 20 or 30 years, the life insurance company that issued the insurance with the return of premium policy, returns the entire premium that you paid for the insurance, Tax Free.